Laila O Laila - Story of Kaz Bano Baloch - Aqsa Junejo
Published: 2 years ago By: Aqsa Junejo

By: Aqsa JunejoPublished: 2 years ago

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Aqsa Junejo reports the story of Kaz Banu Faiz Baloch, who is daughter of Legendary singer Faiz Muhammad Baloch - Laila O Laila fame. Being a singer herself, she narrates her plight and tells how artists are ignored. Living in Lyari, she does an ordinary job to make ends meet.
Talking to Aqsa she said, " Daughter, you know what, my luck would have shined if I had met an angrez (musicians from west or English musicians/producers). I have heard that they value real talent. They value the musicians who sing from their hearts. I am yet to meet one who appreciates my voice. Till then, I will sell pakoras and pack rickshaw and motor bike covers".

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